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    machinery and scientific

    We hope that the fun of DIY can be integrated into life and become a part of life. Everyone can experience the fun and charm of DIY.

    Perfect combination of science and art

    DIY Classic Gramophone

    This Gramophone can be played without a battery after wound up. It comes with a vinyl record containing 3 music: The Merry Gent, Memory Of A Dance, The Giant Killers. And It also can support other 7-inch and 10-inch records.

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    Animal Puzzle

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    The Globe

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    DIY Dollhouse

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    DIY Satisfy the spirit of scientific creativity, innovation and studious
    Each mechanical model has its own mechanical action and will provide its own adventure

    ABOUT Puzzledobby

    Our model kits come with everything you need for assembly. All parts are laser pre-cut into a high-quality plywood board for easy removal and assembly.